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Technology Products

While some wait for the self-driving car, others are happy to modify their existing ride with readily available advancements in the automotive accessory industry. Kenny’s Auto Accessories offers a variety of high tech additions.


CD Players

Upgrade your existing stereo system by adding a CD player. We offer both single and multiple disc options.

DVD Players

Keep friends and family entertained during long trips with movies played on overhead or in seat back DVD players.

MP3 Players

You have probably invested a lot of money in MP3s. Let Kenny’s Auto Accessories install an MP3 player so you can take your music collection on the road.

iPod Integration

iPods are a convenient and cost effective way to always have your music library with you. Kenny’s Auto Accessories can make sure your vehicle is Apple compatible.

Radio Repair

Don’t sit in silence. Kenny’s Auto Accessories can get your car or truck radio back to playing the tunes you love.


Cruise Control

Add the ease and convenience of cruise control to your vehicle with an aftermarket system.

Power Windows & Locks

Bring your car or truck into the twenty-first century by adding power windows and locks.

Keyless Entry

Tired of fumbling for the right key to open your car or truck? Kenny’s Auto Accessories can solve that with the installation of a keyless entry system.

Remote Starters

Warm up or cool down your vehicle without having to sit in the heat or cold in the process. Remote start systems can be customized to your specifications.

Cutting Edge

GPS Navigation

Gone are the days of the fold out map. GPS navigation is the future of travel.

Back-up Cameras

Avoid accidents with real-time back up cameras. This modern technology guarantees safety first.

Back-up Sensors

Hear an audible sound when you’re too close to something behind you. Back-up sensors can help gauge how far you are from bumping something.

Asset Tracking Devices

If you have a fleet of commercial vehicles, you’ll want to protect that investment. Asset tracking devices can help make sure you are aware of where those investments are at all times.

Satellite TV

Never again miss that important game because you’re on the road! Satellite TV streams right to your car or truck so you’ll always know the score.

Whatever It Takes